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Animal Lick Salt

Animals needs salt for licking to fulfill their nutritional needs as salt lick encourage your horses, deer, cow and other animals to drink more frequently and thus stay more hydrated.  More intake of water also helps these animals in their digestion system and they are able to remove more toxin from their body.

Salt lick designed and provided by us, have a hole inside the salt with good rope for you to hang at the right location for your animal to lick. The animal lick salt made from the Himalayan Rock Salt are good source of iron, potassium, magnesium with other valuable nutrients. This Salt lick block with rope keeps your animals busy and reduce their boredom as well.

Himalayan pink salt for pets is a natural hard block of clean salt and is considered the best and safe for your pets and cattle in many countries as well. Lick salt block comes with a long shelf life and you can store them in a moisture-free environment. Himalayan salt block for horses and salt lick for cows are frequently demanded, however, some customers also demand deer licking salt or deer lick salt for their deer farming business needs.

The Organic Salt is an authentic source of Himalayan salt round rock for the pets and farm animals like cats, horses, cows and buffaloes. This salt is also used by some farmers for deer lick salt. Deer licking salt is same salt that is provided to other animals like we manufacture and supply 100% pure Himalayan lick salt block and products without any additives or preservatives. Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and elements, like magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and sodium. The pink color of the salt is because of the presence of these elements.
Salt Lick
Animal lick salt
deer licking salt
Animal lick salt

Salt Lick for Animals

We manufacture blocks of rock salt in a variety of shapes and sizes as per customer request. The weight of animal lick salt mostly ranges from 1 to 2 kg to 3 to 4 kg per piece or as customer may demand and the shape is either rough or crafted according to the requirement of each customer. The price of lick salt block depends on the requirements of the customer like what weight and shape the customer requires and what quality of packing is desirable. We try our best to serve our esteemed clients in the best possible way.

Our Natural Himalayan round rock salt lick are purely organic without any additives or chemicals. They give cattle and animals the required amount of minerals and nutrients for healthy growth and increased production. This chemical-free animal lick salt is Salt suitable for almost all animals.

Salt lick is need of all the animals but its more needed for the animals used for production of mass milk like cows and buffaloes. Because when their nutrition need is fulfilled then they yield more milk. So, The licking salt is one the main need of the people in the diary products business.

Salt lick block can also be given to dogs, cats and especially to horses. It makes them active while licking and they are likely to live more healthy life. You can contact us for your particular needs for the quotation and we will try our level best to serve you in the best possible way. We shall welcome you in case you have your own choice of sample you want the salt to be crafted in that shape for your domestic animals needs or for your farming business needs.

The animal lick salt is same like human salt and the only difference is we give it shape to be used by the animals for a longer period. So, depending on your needs and brand requirements , you can contact us and discuss further details.

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Organic Salt is one of the leading Manufacturers of authentic Himalayan Salt Products supplying in over 40+ countries.
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